i am lonesome.
i just found out that jimmy eat world is coming. which is a good thing. a very good thing.
i wish i could fly in the sky half sunshine half cloudy drizzle. watch the people below with different faces. a new theory creates a worried tension along with solemn acceptance.
i worry about that new boy. and sometimes i wish i could magically make all the bad things disappear. i talk about holding hands and distance...will you share with me? there's universality to everything and it is hard to find individuality sometimes.
shared breakfast with ben and his new boyfriend. happy. frusterating. nice person but i felt juvenile around him. i am in highschool but i'm not used to feeling like i am. i want out.
the outdoors beckons for a campfire. it'll be nice when we put down the burdens that have a hold on us for so long in the late summer, and replace them with the outdoor blanket of auburn, crimson and chills hugged with the free arms. the grass will still be green (unless already yellowed by summer sun and lack of liquid) until it gives in to an inevitable dormancy dreaming of the prospect of awakening. the autumn stars and harvest moon create the light outside the circle of people around the blazing fire.