the last thing i saw last night and the first thing i saw today. it's in the smile and it's in the eyes. cause something's changed.
he kissed me last night.
built to spill + me + him. trey's the only guy i know who would dance with me. we sat in the dirt outside while bts played freebird.
his house opened up for us after the show and denny's. he sat me down on the couch, and we joked about hulk hogan's musical debut and being sassy. we talked as the clock switched numbers in minutes and hours. he sat closer and closer to me...and all of sudden it happened. i couldn't get enough of him, my hands trying to memorize his face. b/c he's mine now. and i'll never want to forget.
trey walked me to the car and we held hands as he protected me from the hustlers. no one else was out as we leaned up against the car and kissed in the streetlight.
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