we went to houston over the weekend. there is a reason i do not like this town. and the reason is condom sense. it makes me wonder if life is worth living when there are people striving to own stores that sell strictly condoms out on the highway.
other than that mishap, the trip went pretty well. we spent the day at the museum of natural science. i learned about oil and energy and butterflies. maria and i spent thirty minutes trying to catch a blue morpho in the "rainforest". i always wanted to go to the rainforest. i was quite the "save the environment" girl when i was younger. i'd sing songs and dream about walking on the wood and rope bridges high up in the trees. the monkies would hook me up with a guava. and birds would fly down and sing me songs.
i used to sit out on our front porch and hold my arm out, so a passing sparrow could land on my finger....just like in mary poppins and snow white. it never did happen. but i bet it happens more than people get struck by lightening.