i feel like i should write about all that happened today, the machines of the sky crashing into the building of the the past, the present, the future. surreal to me, yet all too real for those affected. the news all day, relays the information of an american tragedy...an attack on america and i have heard all sides throughout my passing in these many hours.
"they think they are scaring america, but we are the strongest nation in the world." "it all means something...they blew up our key political and economical buildings." "we haven't bombed anyone since japan." "they could have killed so many more people." "people were jumping out of the buildings." "the remains of the world trade center looked like a broken fence." "coward"
all messages believe the nation is strong and the terrorists are weak. but it is hard to believe through the cloud of debris, the ashen faces of the survivors in new york, the pilot that crashed in pittsburg to, as believed, save the lives of others, the expressions of the ones riding in the fated makshift missile. so many times today have i seen the footage of the plane exploding inside the world trade center from four different angles and our president, in three different places. there are heroes in the scarring of america.
we try to find humor, to make it easier...feeling bad because somewhere else, it is unimaginable how this could be possible. america comes together for the people of the nation. i see differences in the mature and the young. i see the differences in the naivete of children, hollow minds of citizens and concerned minds of americans.
our pain.
in the background: cnn: america under attack