i met james in person last night. mad dinner group met at starseeds late in the night, the moon high in the sky. crowded close in the shabby vinyl booth. semi-circle seat meets love seat with a wobbly table between. the austin kid web nerds. the music was loud but we were louder. felt a little eighties teen movies to me, except with more touching and bad words. the seven of us together spells bombastic explosion of perversion, seduction of both sexes, random spoutings of coca cola from the nostrils, moaning over bad jokes, being sassy or being sexy, nervous tension, and loud shouting of titties and penis. nice, clean, family-friendly dinner conversation over pancakes, veggie tacos and french fries if you ask me.
and he was like me, kind of watching what went on around him in silent appreciation, maybe. and i'd turn to him to remark a random. his smile sent me into the clouds. hard to describe, but it seemed to embody the warmth of stepping indoors after noses have turned red and fingers have frozen underneath the mittens. and inside, we climb under blankets with hot chocolate and print in hand. maybe abstract. more concretely his smile, to me, (as ben can attest to) is the best smile.
we drove home in a sleepy daze, talking as the city slipped away from behind us. the roadkill of the country appeared occasionly and scared the bejeezus out of the three in the car. stinky called and informed us she had just seen a car drive into a brick house just before we drove up his winding street. we dropped him off and i watched him walk up to his door.
currently spinning jets to brazil: in the summer's when you really know