i brought daniel with us to the pop fest at emo's. you know that feeling when you just feel comfortable with someone and you can say anything and it's alright? i dunno, i feel close to him even though we've never really hung out before...cristina and i made fun of this crazy dancer guy. that alone was worth the ten bucks we paid to get in. flailing of limbs and uncontrollable swaying. d had to jump back a few times because the guy's hands threatened a little to closefor comfort to copping a feel. he makes me smile, daniel does. and the three of us sat in the gravel, laughing and listening. enjoyed attention and sunset valley. i liked leaning close to talk to him over the noise of the night and seeing all the faces he makes. his tinfoil spoon was pure genius. it's nice to have someone new to talk to.
"im going to cry myself some friends" a close and special friend of mine
so many things start to get old as the chapter is about to change.
ben and i celebrated our one year soul twin anniversary over italian food. and the boy who sat us in the trolley gave me the eye and we giggled. thank you for the lessons, being the man and checking out boys at the same time, the jokes, the coffee, the music and the ass grabbing. we're crazy, you and i, but we're crazy together and that's what counts.