today, i gave trey an eraser...because it's all right to make mistakes. it was one of those gum erasers and on the back of the package, a statement exclaimed, "do not chew this..."
i'm feeling the lovin' of the nightime. i stay out after the city and only the wind and the streetlights remain to see what i do not. four a.m. shares an empty solitude. if i turn down all my noise, the darkness hums nothing but car tires rolling slowly. places change as the clouds hang low and hidden, blending into the body that surrounds. something in the tall parking lot lights of the grocery store that attract bugs and create sparkles on metallic streamers of red and blue and in dark windows resting beneath.
i thought, maybe a label would help me feel at ease. you are my friend for all times. more than...
last night, i realized how we are beautiful.
currently spinning: debussy: clair de lune