in school lately, i've been feeling like my body is nothing but a shuddle for what i'm supposed to be doing. it takes me places while my mind stays detached. in the end...nothing comes out of the experience and i walk away.
cristinky and i ate at a mexican dive on east congress. the grease adds to the loveliness of flavor. i think we're sad...both of us. about the way things have turned out. we're all totally different. but she'll always be my shebeast.
i ate at the fucking mall for lunch two. the only good thing that came out of that was that i found my sleep number at the sleep store. i'm a fifteen. something soft for my delicate ways. hahaha.
it hurts when what you say is different from what you feel.
i gave johnny his mix tape yesterday. hours of work for him. in a way a goodbye to the past. since yesterday afternoon, all smiles i get from him are genuine and all things seem a little better because of it.
daniel helped me out with my homework today. i seriously have no idea why he did it. i just handed my physics to him and was like, "can you do any of this? you can do it for me if you want." and then i started laughing. but two minutes later he handed it back to me with a few free body diagrams done. so i attempted to hook him up with a free taco coupon but it resulted in a hug. life rocks.
i like how benji and i hook each other up with interesting presents. a couple of days ago i recieved naughty by nature's first cd.
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