on a whim, ben and i stepped forth into the newly chilled outdoors and into my car. emos hosted murder city devils last night along with sparta. sparta rocked my socks off. the singer is formerly from atdi, so of course it was beyond belief. go figure their first show was in austin. (what austin rocks? what?) i can't really explain what it meant to see them. atdi would have been my dream show and now that they "broke up" i have to see them in pieces. (omar and cedric are coming in a couple of weeks. my chance to profess my love to omar so i can have his babies.)life is good. nothing beats crazy stage activities in cheering people up. murder city devils' bassist can cheer me up any time. damn. crowded sweaty bodies and loud music. it's going to be one of those things i remember for life.
currently spinning: sparta: cut your ribbon