we felt oh so junior high. flashing colored lights dancing off the glitter and a fog machine creating a smoky atmosphere for three feet of people. the homecoming dance.
ben as my date, dressed in indie rock pants and plaid button up shirt. i in a red fairy dress and sporty eighties jacket. we, along with ali and doug, approach the austin music hall, our breath fogging in front of our faces. boys searched and then we enter. hip hop and heavy beats resonate in our ears. ben and i opt to head off for the food table. survey the people and half an hour into our visit we begin to get into it. giggles about "white dancing" and frighteningly sexual dancing. ben and i got flashed like fifty times. but we didn't really care. i kept exclaiming, "oh my god, this is the best time ever!" (my first highschool dance and ben's first one that counted) and he kept yelling at me for getting too into it and making sexy faces. like carrie said we couldn't dance without laughing. ben and i almost getting kicked out was the climax of the evening:
"your penis should not be touching her butt."
yes the gay boy and me, sexual tension out the wazoo. no no, when i danced with the freshman boy...yowza!
this is so fucking highschool.