mistletoe is the best band in the entire world. you should love them as much as you love your mom or your dog or your next door neighbor. spread the love, sugar.
"i was feeling very distant before but i feel all good and kellyish now. ever since i woke up this morning. i think i just needed some timetime."
"and you gotgot some b/c i'm a stellar fantastic lady."
and it's true. i <3 damion and I <3 myself. b/c who wouldn't love me?
rain clouds obscure the moon tonight. when i took my nap on flannel sheets in my mother's high key bedroom it was merely a drizzle and i awoke to stormy drops barraging the tin roof. i like to talk about my tin roof b/c it makes sounds that remind me of home.
a train riding tracks creates a doppler effect of longitudinal mechanical sound waves.