so i am eighteen now. woke up early with a headache knocking on my door.
we made play-doh teeth of brown and pink and silver while stinky made brown turds for four hours straight. tiramisu with totoro and multicolored burning candles thin like spaghetti. and i blew them all out. vanilla ice cream on a paper plate. adventures in babysitting commenced on the screen; i guess we felt nostalgic or wanted something good to watch. candy bubbles with lovage pulsing its' sex beats.
dinner for seven with conversations about ways to be a delinquent with a black marker mustache causing a scene in a restaurant, b/c that's what the cool kids do. a table with italian food and the bread goes fast. and i ask you to direct focus to me b/c i'm the birthday girl and i deserve all attention. the whole restaurant sung to doug and i and we pretended to be siblings. the doctor exclaimed,"oh shit!" when my mother came in to have me eighteen years ago.
i am tina's girl. ben and i made our way down sixth street noting "clubbing shoes" as we walked towards emo's. jel and why? set forth beats into luscious black night while audience sways in mesmorized stance . my attention span is short so i walk outdoors and onto a bench where black painted wood meets blue jean ass with a shock of cold. indoors i was sweaty. cloudead brings on something primitive, something tribal and artistic. i succumb to the way my body moves as the bass rattles my chest and slides down to the floor. they gesture on stage as they rap something beyond our capacity. my body bounces and glides as an object and i get urges to feel on myself. ben and i agreed you could have wild alien sex to cloudead.
and damion came over afterwards. my present at two in the morning. and i fall asleep with him wrapped around me. woke up with the sun and a soft boy and it was golden. i made coffee he didn't drink that still sits in the pot dark liquid brown smelling bitter but sweet. but i kissed him good morning and good bye and that was new.
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