tonight the one act taught that perhaps the reason we remember love is because we must mourn its' death.
the house is steamy and silent underneath the chords played in time on the speakers.
we make new friends out of restaurant waiters that serve us water in plastic glasses and chips on paper. and that ska impression makes people laugh, b/c we really are pretty dumb.
change is constant. and there are people who sing as if it is the end of the world. the faces will change into wrinkles of age or wisdom and the hands will fill with lines that remember every touch of the past eighty years.
orange and blue light make white. red and green light make yellow. texture for the eyes.
et still rocks cristina's penis breath. and i think i was the only one laughing when he was found in the river. those kids are so indie rock. it's rock and roll to be chased by cars while on a bike.
currently spinning: david singer: i need to be able to see you