i watched them build a road. with flood light and hot tar and concrete. the big yellow steamrollers and bulldozers do not cower in the passing vehiclular light.
from the sidewalk, a couple snuggles while the crosswalk lights say walk and don't walk.
night drive in the dark with damion. my hand rests on his thigh while my fingers create circles. he's warm and the window is down. and we rest on each other at stop lights until we reach a point in which streetlights become few and then finally disappear as fenced land grows acres and acres. i like being under the covers with you b/c the night air has grown cooler and sneaks through the window you always leave open. and you keep me warm, hugging me with muggy grown arms and tossing insults to make me laugh. i'm glad i know you. we are both such teases with the greater aspirations of pirates. it hurts so bad but feels so good, a feeling words can't pinpoint. i kiss the top of your head and put my pants back on. you've got to follow orders like that when two sexy people don't know what to do with themselves other than care about the other's outcome. i like to bury into the nape of your neck and let your hands caress with the lights turned out. step out from light to dark, cloudy with no moon. and one from the window sees two passerbys holding hands in the streetlight . and then the water flowing.
lips are the most sensitive. run along shoulders and back to softness.