heart attack inducing chili cheese fries. four people, bad radio music and a desire for adventure. stealing baby clothes from some family whose gifts were placed into the wrong hands. tash cuddling with sniffles the elephant and rich the boyfriend. johnny performing some sort of spastic chair dance and walking funny after being kicked in the family jewels. and dirty t smoking cigarettes and bringing up the worst conversation topics. everytime i come around, bling bling. warm under the blanket in a cold house. shaking it to outkast and groaning along with silverchair. it's just not the same, tash.
you're beautiful. and you're boss is an asshole.
well, he's got a fun personality. and there was this huge attraction. and i'm talking about it and sounding stupid.
yeah, i'd run away to baja to surf all day. someone would have to teach me how to surf. but i would do it. i'm seeking that distant place. the ability to leave it all behind and be somewhere new. i could mail picture postcards of the pacific sunset or an important town building, inking messages about the surf or some prostitute on the street and that i am doing well. always doing well. and outside when the sun droops into the horizon, i'll be laying in the grass looking upwards as it fades from bright hues of blue into different shades and stars appear as holes in the blackness. or maye i'll lay on towel on the sand hiding behind shade from the rocks above me. making words work.
the last bowl of strawberry kiwi jello is gone from the refrigerator. constructing cubes from paper instructions.
everyone is asleep b/c of last night. and if i get off the computer, i can't even watch the tv seeing as how it's been claimed.
i know it knocks you off your feet.