natalie and i ate thai food together in a place slightly off the main road. noodles spun with flavors of coconut and tomato and iced tea, orange and creamy. phone calls from the guy in a dorm across the street who wants to get freaky on a saturday night. we've been doing a lot of singing. ben will play with paper picks and we'll sing along in harmony low and slightly breathy b/c sleep has snuck into our eyes and our sighing bodies.
somehow the movie on the line ended up playing on my computer last night. and with my newly acquired broken foot, i can't protest too much. love may not make the world go round bt it sure makes the ride a lot more fun. haha. jesus. johnny played a green plastic harmonica wearing the brown bug eye sunglasses and i countered with the light up red ones from the eighties. i was inside the whole time it rained. the room is very soft right now. i can tell it's cloudy outside and the rolling stones are singing in the background.
we hang sculptures made of lines and string and metal from the ceiling connecting the pieces. giving profound meaning to the ship and big brother but laughing our asses off b/c we're not really one of those people. drawing with charcoal at eight in the morning and covered with black dust at noon. perspective taught in desks and slides of renaissance art projected onto a white wall. i heart art school.