so maybe i don't put out on the first date, but i think i'm still classified as easy.
i spent thirty minutes crimping my hair with a pink boss crimper from the eighties. high side ponytail in place and i keep tugging at the top of my black sequined top. this dress is easy access. flip it up for some sweet candy. ahaha. jukebox socks layered with hot pink sparkle socks. benny cut out rainbow letters to spell out the name marcel, his flaming alter ego. pre-party music selections included the police and seventies r and b. blake is drunker than a sailor and higher than a kite at 3 in the morning.
i miss lady. very much.
i guess technically i'm too easy b/c i put out before the first date.
i like nick. a lot.
i took some ibuprofen about half an hour ago. it still hasn't kicked in.
friday night was sweet. and i stayed in his bed under the covers close to him. he likes that i'm tall. and when i told him i was into him he replied with a yeah tell me about it. i snorted, it's b/c you're so sexy and you put out. he laughed and told me that he was talking about me. i like when he uses intricate science vocabulary to explain what his write ups are about. he was wearing his glasses and a button up shirt, unbuttoned. i told him i felt like i was fucking the professor. he told me that's what he was going for.
of course when i type this van halen's hot for teacher comes on.
blake told us he wants to have a beach party when it gets cold.
quaker oat squares with milk in a styrofoam bowl for an afternoon breakfast.
we stayed in yesterday watching robin hood and harry potter instead of the ut iowa state game. funny thing is i feel as if i haven't betrayed my anti-harry self. actually scratch that. you could hear the cheers.