lord only knows why we stepped into the pita pit. those hideous color splashes of beef and peppers with smiling faces weren't exactly my ideal dining buddies. we stared out the window into the darkness while talking loudly and chowing down on pitas stuffed with meat and vegetables. and walking past our window are two kids from high school that i haven't seen since graduation night. one of them is headed off to the navy in two days. my first highschool boyfriend. to risk sounding cliche, it's strange to see everyone growig up and blazing different paths. i find myself being a lot more curious about where people are going to end up.
we took two maroon seats at batts concert hall to see the students of opera and voice perform solo accompanied by piano. a voice can move the room, bouncing off wooden acoustics and a tall organ that looks like a ship from outer space. i wish i had a voice like that and now i want to go to an opera.