we danced up on stage during the ice of boston. i can really shake it.
last night was a late night in which one created songs about ponies and hamburgers or the speed of light with sheel on kvrx and listened to him sing with a voice that was prettier than jesus on a sunday.
am i being selfish when i ask a boy to just be friends? i met my conor oberst look alike last night. after twenty minutes of coy glancing and shy smiles, i leaned over to talk to him. i've got digits. and it's not that i'm not attracted. nor is it that nick is standing in the way of anything. he seems cool. i want to hang out with him. and it's not very often that i'm feel so right with someone. some sort of new age insta-bond, something that is brought up in girl talk over dr. peppers in clear glasses and pink nail polish being painted onto toenails. curses to me overanalyzing my fairy tale dreams. arrr. i would find someone to be attracted to in the midst of dating a winner. i like nick a lot (as previously stated). and i want to figure things out with him.
why must i perpetually look like a bum?
that singer of international noise conspiracy is a real political rock star crack head. i kind of dig it.