sometimes i really don't know what i want. shopping for burlap and he's driving me around because he "likes to". i don't think i've laughed as hard with a new person as i did with him. something about carrots and notes that read "u r 2 cute. i like the way you suck pickles. why don't you call me and give me a lesson?" i's dotted with hearts and dropped behind a stranger's chair for him to find after we make our exit.
i don't think i'm the only one addicted to wicked little town. some things are just really pretty.
beck was colorful by jeremy blake. i like the robot moves and the way the music changed and his voice filled all of us and how he kept jumping on the drum stand.
pouring plaster down a long sheet of jute colored burlap making drips and streams and puddles.
i am listening to the new sigur ros.