i knew the party was cool when the guy with the mustache showed up.
it was fucking radical.
the living room was a sauna. augustus tried to dj drunk off of mini-wines and destroyed our house in the process. gauges in the wall, broken tamborines, bottles thrown out the window. never knew a kid in a cape could cause that much damage. some kid kept jumping off the roof and brian's finger got sliced up when someone threw a bottle at our microwave. he left a trail of blood on the stairs and a pool in my hand.
the key to a good party is carnage.
i danced a little, tipsy on rum, and sold buttons from a fanny pack.
brian made me louis vuitton buttons that i wore on my pony shirt.
travis and i did a little run to the grocery store at one.
i compliment too much when i'm feelin' good.
ali plus tina equals one hundred percent lez.
i ate cake.
kids did it in the bathroom.
i almost beat some guy up and tina went nuts and threatened to call the cops at our own party.
like, three hundred people showed up.
all and all, a success.