i made dinner last night.
yummy pesto chicken (lemon, basil and lime with a little bit of parmesan) and salad with calamata feta dressing and angel hair pasta with sauce.
we curled up on the futon watching season one and shared a baguette and dirty shirleys.
benny and i dropped our pieces off at a gallery encasing all the unmentionables for the erotica show.
neck cut and sides sewn diy weekend. the sewing machine is out surrounded by a heap of unfinished projects...a pinstripe skirt and jean purse. the soviet shirt fixed up nicely for the party on friday.
strawberry smoothies and unflavored snow cones and kisses on your forehead.
i keep having weird dreams.
book is finished.
no more cokeheads allowed at dance parties.
natasha summed it all up nicely.