drizzle, mud and the polyphonic spree singing to the sun. i loved robed men and women that synchronize dances and jump around. if church was really like that, i'd go every day of the week. a mod forty year old v.i.p. the dancing guy had moves that haven't been seen this side of the river in years. marty crandall and his take on maximum music with the shins. i wished he was my brother or soemthing, so i too could bask in the genius. and then i ate a giant burger with brian.
and i started the filming of the totally wreck documentary with who's fucking jealous and assacre. screaming masked mike and helmeted johnny jive. and ben with his flashcards and dinosaur mask screaming at strangers. bitches make people uncomfortable b/c they can't rock as hard. oh, and cari is the next peaches. if you ain't dancing, get the fuck out of here, baby.