last night a six year old told me that you can't change the future. he asked me why the world was so messy. and i didn't know the answer.
my boyfriend is gone. he moved away.
dark denim jacket and a gray knitted scarf wrapped round my neck in attempts to stay warm on the bridge. the kids played their show. i <3 fancy feast. all huddled around the edge. cigarettes brought to parted lips, feet lifting from the pavements and the passing traffic left streaks as they passed. groups of guys humped each other and the ladies moved to the beat.
the strokes rule and fuck you if you don't agree.
nick aka little man and i have started talking again. corresponding. writing. bantering. whatever. i like having a constant conversation.
hip hop vs. rap: discuss
i like my hot chocolate with milk and real cocoa served straight from the stove.
old email:
dear rockstar
isn't it pretty outside when the sun shines slightly covered by clouds. i can't describe the color or the feeling. something like, umm pale and washed out like beach morning or soft and doughy like rolls with butter melting on top. maybe more blue, like the rim of your cup. i wonder if i have time to make a cup of coffee. i'm listening to ms. carly simon. is she married? i don't know.
i wish my boyfriend was here right now.