tonight, on my mother's birthday:
(cyan was talking about her life path or some new age bullshit she and my mom understand. she wants to do something with art in college)
moi: looks like you'll get to support us for a long time, eh?
mom: no! (cut off)
moi: b/c we need to take care of our old mama
mom: you didn't even let me finish, i didn't get to say oo-wee or say take care of your old mama.
moi: we know you so well.
hah ha ha
moi: besides, i'll marry rich.
cyan: yeah me too
moi: then we'll take care of you
cyan: yeah, i'll marry and then take all their money.
moi: yeah, cyan's going to be a gold digger.
mom: you guys are darling.
if you know my sister, it's that more hilarious.