it snowed this weekend. small wet delicate snowflakes melting on my cheek and sticking to my hair. it's after midnight and i'm coming home to you.
why is it that after choosing to miss a drunken night of debauchery i still manage to feel out of place?
when it rains, the water drips down an invisible path from cover to ground. i like when it smears in my window and spatters on the roof.
i miss the train tracks.
new york, mexico, and spain are all places i'd rather be.
tina is moving out. should i be thinking thank god or just realize that now i won't have a central place of meeting for everyone else?
fancy feast played to a crowd of middle aged bellydancing lovers. we just danced as usual.
inside the cavern, it was cool and dark. the rock felt hard underneath my feet and water dripped in echoes in a sight unseen. we had fun in the anti-gravity room.
and i want a tail-less cat when i grow up. they look like little bears.
pancakes with syrup and butter for breakfast.
modernism in art, design and architecture.
i've been thinking more.
i'm lucky to have a pen around me more often.
chlorine smells good and warm.
no more sugar in my coffee.
i need to learn some german and refresh my french.
pictures of cows in the cold saturday morning.
oeuf curls up at my knees and is soft and fuzzy.
at least i don't wear pink all the time.
why does it always rain on me has always been a good song.
brie and bread and basil sandwiches. horizon milk. toffee yummies. and a pint of water.
i kind of wanted a flower for valentine's day.
h.e.b. is my new love.
mom and i made banana bread together at her house and watched a pbs special about artists in the 21st century.
dear maya lin
you are awesome
dear sally mann
you were my catalyst for photography. when i was little and saw your photos, i wanted to say something to the world.
a man sat down with me last friday and talked to me about the world and we shot the shit.
i'm doing something that makes me happy.
reading middlesex is relaxing and engrossing.
please, for my b-day, the david sedaris box set.
honey, velvet underground, wilco and tea seeping in my little cup.
i like hiding under the comforter and pretending it's a secret cave.