i will think with keys...
my loot is on the coffee table. and i love david sedaris, mcsweeney's thirteen and my hot pink purse among other things.
my mouth has that candy taste in it.
a cold elbow and a peeking belly button.
i bet when i get my first real paycheck, years in the future from now, i will go buy all the cool things i sat day dreaming over for weeks and never bought b/c it seemed unjustified. see: cds, fancy shoes, cozy blankets, dvds, pretty lady shirts and cuddly sweaters for nickers. i can make my own furniture and keep it minimal.
hard cover books are weighty in a good way.
it's quiet in the house and i wish real things were happening.
lime green, gray teal, deep orange and cranberry crimson. what's up, future home?
why am i so in love with india and mexico? i'm such a white person.
audrey audrey audrey.
i like the spray paint drips and the way wheatpaste drips onto my jeans and the way you make it feel like junior high all over again in a good way.
yo, i want to have fun forever. foooorrreeeeeeverrrr.
fuck it fuck it.
pretty mountains and tasty shrimp. yeah shrimp.
i think we may end up in chicage and i'll freeze my royal ass in a sweet peacoat.
dc and the metro and my sugar and his cat and taking the world on like a mother fuckin super hero. hearts!
i wish i could wear my new mittens and type at the same time.
i like the bread.
dinner last night was delicious as i warmed my hand on the candle. i love the meatloaf and cheese soup and taters and gween beans and marscapone cheesecake. mmmmm.