some stupid things sadden me and i dunno why.
something fragile and soft b/c i am yr lady.
today i saw purple mountain laurel on my walk to school. my gray bag, my moleskine, my tech pen and the adventures of kavelier and clay.
the environment has felt so highschool for lack of a better explanation and i don't want to go to the house that doesn't feel like home. i want to steal this brown marker and draw all my thoughts out until my goosebumps stop prickling.
i just wanted to feel pretty.
i love chocolate brown.
toru talked about creating a new world and may claimed it isn't possible. but i'm more dependent on the idea that it is. that some day i will rid myself of me. and by me, i don't really mean it.
i just want to surround myself with soft things that cover me. like blankets i close my eyes and bury underneath b/c i miss your chest as my pillow.