dear sweetie,

i look pretty today. my hair is down my back and wavier than normal b/c i braided it yesterday during my crit while it was still wet that morning.

i am listening to the new daft punk...i couldn't resist myself. emotion just ended and human after all is on right now. i have to admit that they are both rather good and that i want to listen to them everyday. when it comes out, i think i will buy it and not mill over it as i have with the new bright eyes. which the week before those
albums were out i was determined to buy, but now i keep second guessing whether or not i should amble on down to waterloo to get them.

for some reason there is a little valentine's candy heart on the keyboard. it's white with an off center pink print that tells me to wise up. the white ones were my favorite whenever i got them. i wonder what they're supposed to taste like, b.c i never figured it out.

i can safely state that daft punk and beck are among my top ten if not top five artists for life. others include the shins and bright eyes.

today as i read on the bus, a girl i knew a long time ago got on near the thirty forth and red river stop. she sat close to me and i could not see her face as it was covered by a red hood. people don't wear hoods all that much anymore. i like to wear the hoods. anyway, she sat a couple of seats away from me, but as i said her face was covered by her hood and the guy sitting between us. i could only see her hands.
one was balled up into a loose fist and the other rested on her backpack. the front pocket of her back pack had a few buttons, one of which said "against abortions/don't have one". i thought it was funny and somewhat familiar that we would both have buttons on our bags and that we were wearing the same colors: teal and red. me in my red velvet blazer and favorite long sleeve shirt. her with that red zip up hoodie and bright tights. i don't think i'll ever talk to her again.

i switched from new daft to new beck b/c i know you want to put a new daft punk song on one of the comps you're making me. don't worry if it's one of those songs i already heard. i like them a lot. after just one listen. i also really like the girl and que onda guero on the new beck. you should find them.

before i rode the bus to work this morning, i went to quack's and drank a latte with a cranberry orange coffee cake. i ate the cake with a fork while my eyes skimmed over the black text lines of my book, which i am growing in love with. you should read it, too. there was a woman with her little boy at the table in front of me and while i ate the boy turned around and stared towards the door, quiet and almost
looking contemplative. he was probably between one and two, i don't think he could talk yet as he kept rather quiet the whole time. i wanted to ask him what he was thinking about. i know he couldn't answer, but i really wondered what he was thinking about. how do children that young think? i know they can't really use words, so do they think in patterns or colors? maybe they can think in words, but
there small mouths cannot reproduce the words they think. i think now that i understand children a tiny bit better with all this education geared towards understanding preschool aged children, i've been thinking really hard about how they think and how i want to see their faces when they play at a younger age. i dunno, just thinking with the keyboard at this time.

now i've switched to arcade fire. the first track [neighborhoods number one (tunnels)] would got quite well along emotions.

i love you.