the heart is a lonely hunter never gets old and my ears are still ringing from a session of pow wow, etc.
seeing faces that remind me of some time in my life that feels so far away. and i wonder even if the world turned over if things would feel slightly more accomodating. it is strange to feel the need to turn my gaze away quickly and to wonder if they do the same. it doesn't make me sorrowful or longing, but rather uneasy and questioning.
two close faces kiss and i miss your affection. my vision of you is close. with everything blurred as my eyes find some small part of you to focus upon. my fingers resting on your chest, the tiny hairs on your earlobe and your pulse beating through your skin. how can we hold hands now? each time i see two people like us i want you more.
i saw bushes with coffee colored branches and bright red flowers. i liked the absence of green.
my tired pose and bobbing head. i am sore and sleepy and wishing for new shoes. i am tired in a brown sweatshirt and i like my tigers.
tigers and ruffle are two words i like.