i started reading dreamworld today. out by the pool on an old towel. i've noticed that when i shut my eyes while outside and then open them, the world appears in technicolor blue and neon green. the contrast of summer. ali and i placed fallen leaves upon our bathing suits in scandalous places while in the water, laughing hysterically when one suctioned to my tummy button. we finished our sun day with mango and blackberry ices.
i'm supposed to call john tonight. we (oh man, we!) talked for awhile yesterday, slowly getting more personal. john and i talked family and religion and camping and europe. sigh. i told him i'd teach him how to cook and he said "you should try my grandma's cookies" and i nearly burst. i kept hearing the word "we" through out the talk, each time my smile growing. i can see it slowly coming together.
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