i went to barton springs again today. i overheard other people talk while i was reading the perks of being a wallflower. "if someone is upset with you being topless, then they're not a good friend." good advice, my friends, very good advice. most of my good friends have seen me topless, so i feel the love.
school has not even been out for a month yet and already i feel completely changed. friends i thought i would have over the break are not. which is strange, but i grow up. i seem to learn more from one person i love a lot than three other people that don't return it. i'm ready to get out of here. i want to see faces unfamiliar. to quietly observe no longer gives me full satisfaction. i think it was charlie that asked if anyone ever felt like sleeping for a thousand years. and sometimes i do.
i always wanted to be jewish. i secretly longed for a bat mitzvah. i really did. the best i can do now is dream about sexy jewish boys. almost all of them are sexy, for real.
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