i am back...i wrote abstract in my writing book and postcards, here is my trip...(/ line breaks...- entry breaks)
july ten:
i awoke to desolate color/sun parched yellow/grainy beige/and cacti green/dusty fog fading blue/to a washed out horizon
after several audio enriched hours and and a siesta on my part, highway fifty-seven introduced us to saltillo. little town in mexico with shops (resembling new york bodegas) and bulidings from the 16th century that are now bars, restaurants and offices crumbling with age. out of the car and in search of food, i pass tall edipices of papaya, mango, aqua, cornflower, lime with windows trimmed in white, while walking on tiled and brick sidewalks. we sit down in a restaurant after passing through the already open doors, order the especiale and sip limonada fresca until the food arrives. caldo de pollo, arroz, tortillas, enchiladas con queso. jello for postre. so much food and i am ready for a siesta but instead we walk several blocks to a silent cathdral. it overlooks all it, tall with engraved intricate columns and high wooden doors.
i've seen a donkey waiting patiently for someone to take his reins.
july eleven:
my shadow climbs on walls of golden yellow and rock cement of past
to awake to a sun shining upon the golden and tomato paited hotel and the smell of beautiful purple and red flowers, limes, persimmons and avocado is an amazing gift.
tonight we dined at cafe victoria, explosions of pink, melon, mango and jazz, that together cause the room to dance.
july twelve:
an asian artist in hanging overalls/enters the cafe in shich we sit/two/small cup of espresso/ and a plate of mousse kiwi y limon
earlier/with cheese quesadillas and guacamole/ i sat inside w/my mind over yonder/watching people search for johnny depp/ on the set thirty feet away
tonight, the boy behind the bar bought me a coke and limon mousse. my face turned red like the strawberry design on the plate before me.
july thirteen:
images of christ bearing the cross create tears in the eyes of women who hold the hand of a faith w/such strength and awe.
july fifteen:
sometimes i play for more than i need/and i can't stop b/c of want
july sixteen:
i saw jesus in the side window of a truck. i thought he was driving there for a sec.
desert tree is/silouette paper cut out/on fading pink spanse