i handed a bored cashier a dollar for the pool. she asks how old i am just to make sure i'm not screwing around with the amount i owe. i pause and answer,"seventeen." i always get caught off guard when people ask me that...like i have to think about it for a second. ben's not seventeen but he got in for a dollar also. together we walk with backpack and satchel to the opposite side of the springs. climb up the steep grassy hill and set up under a shady tree. i put my sunscreen on and lay back.
a guy to my left brought his acoustic guitar and is now singing to his girlfriend. i decide right then that if a guy ever serenaded me, i would straight up offer myself to him. a man with a didgeridoo comes to sit down next to him a and while i'm talking to ben, he's taking pictures. it's quiet with only subtle conversations and far off splashing. the two of us sit there for a while.
it begins to sprinkle, creating small water droplets on our skin. beautiful wet skin growing damper as the heavy gray clouds pass over us. we stay in the rain.
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