a story for me by derek:
once there was a little boy who decide to go on an amazing journey. he packed a bag full of food and provisions and started off down the road near his house. soon he came upon a great wood and decided to explore. he wandered far and eventually he became lost and began to cry. suddenly a wonderful talking bear came up to him and said "why are you crying little boy?" "i'm lost and i'm afraid i'll died out here in the woods" the little boy replied.
the bear just chuckled and lifted the boy high atop his furry head
"don't worry, I'll get you home" said the bear.
suddenly the bear began floating higher and higher, they were flying! they landed safely by a large house and the bear let the boy down.
"see you later little boy" said the bear and flew off
"but this isn't my house!" said the boy
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