i was enlightened today when i learned that beethoven was gay...
upon entering audiogalaxy's message board, i found some quite interesting facts:
offender bethoven is gay, limp bizkit rulez 666 limp bikit is a bad a$$ motherfucler
defender what's your problem, do you have any idea that you are talking about a master? your music is crap without any sense or without any knowlegde of music.. how you dare?
offender master? what master!?! just because he played some NONSENSE on the piano it is consider a MASTER!? get a freakin clue! besides that the music is boring, it is also DULL and EMPTY! limp bizkit sings about REAL emotions! that beats up anything, you ignorants! the people who listen to this are sad pathetic losers who have no life, and just want to cry! limo bizkit is MACHO music! you certainly are fools if you think being bored and playing NONSENSE notes on the piano is called ART!! the music, as I said, it's DULL, it has no emotions!! it's COMPLETELY empy. Now limp bizkit uses MODER instruments like ELECTRIC guitars (get with the times, you old geezers) and he sings about stuff that goes in real life, making people able to RELATE to the song, anc actually FEEL better!! now if you can't go to sleep, listen to some bethoven and you'll be SOOO bored at that crap that you'll go to sleep! don't be so OUTdated, and grow up (musically too!) Limp bizkit is world wide known, and if that is SO it must be because of a good reason, don't ya think? (upon being told that beethoven and the likes are world reknowned and have been around for awhile) Yeah, people still know mozart and the others because 1) there will always be bored people in need of boring music which 2) has made them kind of a legend. In the same way, the great art that is limp bizkit will be known for CENTURIES!! if limp bizkit would have appeared in the same years as mozart, bizkit would be more known and ADMIRED!
defender Now, why Limp Bizkit is a bad ass? Because of the publicity pre-created for this artist? because Fred cannot do a thing whitout raising his middle finger or because he self declared himself the voice of his generation? Take a look at his songs, they indeed talk about this modern real life, but that is no coincidence, do you think that Britney or the BSB or Manson are the only posers?
dude, i could quote this for hours for this is the stuff dreams are made of. one could not ask for more entertainment.