well, we all got liquored up, hoss. mickey's, sauza and smirnoff. johnny c. and ben and i flailed around to ludacris and refused. and ben kicked me in the throat on accident as we donkey kicked our way through life. but eventually i smacked him in the face with my foot. and the salt was salty . limes were limey and the candy tasted good after our throats warmed and we sweated like horses. it was a real barbeque, you moron. shish kabobs on the grill for lord knows how long. these were stink's obsession. "what about the chicken?" i ate a hot dog and some queso that looked like dog food, but it was oh so good. everyone groped me and there were hits on the pussy. matt is the funniest fucking drunk i've ever seen. at least he doesn't dance like johnny. tash and i humped up on cristinky. it's a lie that she was the most sober. i kept having to play mother presenting laps to lie on and hands to rub backs and cups for water. but it was all good. i love those guys. benny sang to us with the guitar. softly strumming. and the bunny in donnie darko was so scary at two in the morning that we turned it off. matty curled up. and we all have the mark of the cult. pink middle finger, anyone?
p.s. smirnoff tastes like ass.