i got stuck driving again. the three of us sticking to our car seats and slightly singing along to songs inbetween enthralling conversations about internet hookers. lady c and matty k. "oral sex is delightful." "two years!" the anniversary is playing and we all know the words.
we paid our seven dollars to see the animals at the zoo. matt's afraid of snakes but quite enjoys watching the monkeys. eating ice cream and laughing about phone sex. animal pee made us giggle. and we slumped onto green park benches. mozart meets einstein in tamarins that fight each other and pull hair. matty got a yellow wax lion and placed it on his shoulder, looking stoic and regal. i tried to get cristina to ride the elephant with me, but it didn't work out to well. little gazelles and lounging lions and tiny tree frogs and flapping pink flamingos. we hid in the shade of green plants.
dinner on the riverwalk at some texan restaurant. bees attacked our sweet drinks so we covered them with red cloth napkins. heart attack on a plate and waving at tourists in boats with cameras flashing. some crazy guy spilling ice cream on his shoe. matt is moving to new york.
seats in the full reclined position and the radio tuned into an eighties station while we talk about tim dawns aka brian, beefheart and beck. "do you like to party?!? i love to party!!"
flashing brights at assholes that tailgate me. matt and stank cowered in their seats b/c i played the road rage game and they could have gotten shot. but no dice.
i don't want to say goodbye.
johnny met us at spiderhouse. the four of us laughed in and out of coherence and vandalized public property. making music with empty bottles and whispering about the couples that sit on the bench across from us. stare through the bottles and the colors blend together. cuddles and our one week annivesary and johnny's curly hair. matt is playing with my green rubberband bracelet and sipping on his orange soda. obsessing over "the badass" whose hair is licked by camels and whose shirt is unbuttoned three buttons. windy and smiles. tiny flashlight makes ctirus marks through bottles.
i'm glad to know you.