sometimes i think i let jealousy get the best of me.
my tummy got butterflies today.
and i'm listening to ash all afternoon and beehive and the baracudas all night.
i almost cried in drawing today. and my fingers became dark with charcoal. and i got some on my cheek and on my forehead.
yeah, you light up my life.
the buses are crowded and a girl listens blatantly to our argument between assacre and a.s.a.penis as names for ben's queer punk band.
truthfully, i don't know what i want. and i'm content to take sleeping pills so i don't worry about things when the lights go off.
a little jack skellington and a picture of the elementary school lunchroom tables with colored round seats.
i'm a triple a with no destination in mind.
the lady who works at starbucks in jester makes me smile b/c she calls me sweetheart and sugar and darlin' b/c i think she remembers when i said turtle cheesecake was good. i'm hoping it's special treatment.
would you like to touch my golgi body or my jumbo jamba?
i'm singing the harmony in my head.
jack played songs for us.