i used to have a pink plastic girltalk phone.
those were the same days i was flat chested and wore a size zero even though i was like, thirteen and about 5' 8".
my clothes were too big.
and a black girl told me to wear a bra.
i had crushes on boys that were semi-goth b/c shit hadn't gotten so extreme.
my first kiss was on a field trip to san antonio to see the alamo.
but i ended up with a boy about six inches shorter than me.
that much hasn't changed.
i ran around wearing ballchain necklaces and necklaces made of paperclips.
and i drew chateau de discos for my french project.
and performed in a class production of a midsummer night's dream. i was part of bottom's crew.
everyone knew who i was even if i didn't know them.
it was when flicking people off was considered hardcore.
i just liked being loud and typing shitty poems at the public library after school when i hung out with my friends.