there are two ten cent euros in my coat pocket.
nick and i hung out last thursday. battle royale and harry potter with new audio. i met his kitty, oeuf, stole sips of beer and ate hummus. i like having somebody new to talk with.
my hands are cold seeing as how i've been without heat for two weeks.
wrapped up in blakets with a mug of hot chocolate on the nightstand next to me on top of white teeth. whip cream melted away and bear close by. twelve and a half hours of sleep. the fever dulled away. stale sticky bun with sugary coffee in the morning.
we bought shoes and pants on sunday.
i miss cider and sourdough bowls of clam chowder from san francisco.
the wonder years in a worn purple bath robe.
i wish things were slightly more exciting.
and that i could be in greece right now. warm and well fed.
aesop rock and mr. lif on the coldest night of the year. constant motion, ground shaking beats and white people. close enough to breathe down one another's necks. the ladies and i danced together.
will someone buy me some pink rubber rain boots?