from an email to cathal and seamus:
dubrovnik, croatia. nick and i were right by the sea. seafood lasagna = tasty. and on our last night we had this extreme sea food platter with fifty shrimps and lobsters and squid and a million other sea oriented characters. croatia was playing somebody that night so every tv in the city was on. anytime the people in the bar would start shouting the waiters would run to the closest tv to see who scored. we drank at night while people in the city passed by us on a smooth marble walkway in the old town. we spent our last day there on the beach. the water was so clear we could see down to our toes. and it was so salty the salt crystallized on our bodies and when i kissed him it tasted like pretzels. i found little pieces of smooth water worn painted tile on the pebbled beach. and the sun made everything look blue and washed out and i bought audrey hepburn sunglasses and smiled and the sun felt good.
i got drunk in paris every night on wine at dinner. not fall down annoying drunk. jolly drunk. in which i would toast a hundred times during the meal. i wanted to take the eiffel tower home with me. we visited it once during the day and once on the last night in the pouring rain. it was all lit up. the best things about paris: the eiffel tower and navy beans in my awesome stew one night. i saw winged victory at the louvre. wore my audrey glasses in the grass and visited the pompidou.