dear daft punk
last night i had a dream about you
ima gonna leave-a the country in less-a then-a month-a.
dear new les savy fav
why so rocking?
the dirty south party at mom's ruled my world, i spazzed the floor up with cisneros and ruiz and some guys in underwear and lanneau. apparently "hey ya" is not cool anymore, but whatever. the scene sucks.
i <3 stereo total. i danced and saw a real life barbie doll and she was crazy and had a lacey tiered skirt on and totally wanted da nuts. i am naked. so what?
my legs have goosebumps.
and i think that i'm starting to be a bitter post-modern youth.
last night, i ate fifty pounds of barbeque (yes to beef and catfish!) at miguel's and totally crashed a dude rock party with jake, nick and sam. the fucking band, carcen, played a limp bizkit cover. we dressed sam up as a zany dude and he jumped into the pool of the apt complex and everyone cheered. it was so cliche college. i almost wet my pants. the fire was hot and same spilled beer all over my back. i was wet and cold and looked like a total drunk.
my room smells like flowers.
actually i deceided all i care about is daft punk today.
and phoenix.
you are so warm and soft.
a shiny bird mobile, stagnant against a green background. i like when the birds bob slowly. there is chirping outside.
i love tuan phan.
flip books and the letterpress.
me and paul are team awesome.
i draw unicorns and blow kisses.
i am alone a lot.
and it doesn't really bother me.
i get to read dave eggers.
my tummy hurts b/c i drank some coffee with some nasty 'nilla cream. it was too sweet . my breath is caffeinated.
macaroons = tasty.