i lost my phone and when i called it a mexican man answered. i don't really know where he lives, but i am going to find it with the street name and aprtment number i got out of him. we couldn't really understand each other. i guess i'm a bad honorary mexican.
i also decided that ladytron sucks b/c they sound liekt hey don't care.
aiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr was awesome. alpha beta gaga. venus. kelly watch the starts. playground love. run. sexy boy. whee. there was zany dude rocker behind us who kept trying to score a doobie. he was nutz. and a french girl who held up a sign that proclaimed "je t'aime, air". they had a heated discussion:
"put that shit down, bitch, put that shit down."
"i don't speak english, cocksucker."
"put that shit down, bitch. what is this, trl?"
it was funny. partly due to the irony of the situation. dude, this is not your beloved dave matthews, there's no need to scream out the words to songs and "whoo" in my ears, you ugly ass bastard.
needless to say, it was fun and pretty and bass-y. i danced a little and held hands as part of the self-proclaimed cutest couple ever.
i am making a book. blue, pink, gray and black. i'll have to start sewing the binding soon.
ben aqua and i are starting band about weed and pussy.
projected videos onto the sides of down buildings. moving colors and lights onto bricks and cars. parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. pizza blast off into outerspace. a barking dog and sitting on the sidewalk.
tuan only eats soy based products and green leaves and baby shrimps. he didn't get hired and we are all sad. me and mikey jewz are hosting a cinco de mayo party: farewell taun: vaya con dios party with tuan hundred dollar bills and margaritas.
lunch with ryan, eating gyros and talking about being design nerds.
i live all alone and next year i will live in an octagon house. maybe momo the cat will come visit me. maybe i will call my house the octopussy palace and have cereal and milk every morning. maybe i will ride a bike to the grocery store for odwalla and chocolate milk and fruit leather.
i think nick is moving to d.c. at the end of the summer to be smart. but i'll still like him.
i'll be in vienna in a month.
dear lottery,
please let me win you.
i think when i go, i'll only be able to eat once a day and buy film. i will come back bony, but well cultured.
if you want to send me money, email me. haha.
i have goosebumps.
art in the twenty-first century pary with me and giavemommy. we decided we are going to have a kid and name it poquito giavedoni. it will be half argentine (vero) and half mutt (me).
i like petting kitties and reading and taking naps and watching mysteries.
nickers makes some damn good fries and curry fried chicken.
i found a recipe for creme brulee french toast.
orange creme brulee was our spring break treat.
i miss brian sometimes. i hope he is doing well. and happy with rainbows and kittens.
courier is a monospace font.