this past weekend was soft grass, a sheet and reading books with littleman. it was nice and warm and pretty. dogs barked from the nearby dog park. guitar and harmonica beatles renditions in the corner of the park. i was full of smiles.
i love veronimommy and ben aqua.
i <3 natalie and her bowling shoes.
i love johnny and his thupid fathe.
mmm almond macaroons and fity bagels. honey butter and cream cheese.
'ey, was dat a faht or a person that said dat? cuz it smells so bad. me and johnny want to heckle sxsw travellers. actually he wants to do a performance piece, perhaps a cover of the dj assualt classic "ghetto shit" and i'm butting myself in with my casiotone and lame ass disses.
tuan taught us how to screen print. and the screen print has a pony on it and is pink and yellow. and it says "design oh yes!" tuan is my favorite professor. he had pieces of tape on his shirt and his khakis were covered with ink. thus exhibiting that he is in work mode(and it's been awhile). fucking genius. rick and caren and paul and i spent the tuesday class period using tracing paper and pencils to illustrate the master pages of magazines. our project for the rest of the semester is to make a book.
it's freezing and i bought a new red zippie sweatshirt. it still smells like store. i like to stick my nose to my shoulder and sniff. sweet and woody.
i have goosebumps and i want some tea.
earl gray with milk and sugar. wrap my hands around the mug to warm my fingertips.
i <3 the new her space holiday.
soul is the new awesome.
i know you want to leave me, but i refuse to let you go.
me + nick = team dracula awesome to the maxxiest
date at vespaio with yummies and a citrusy dessert. holding hands and making kaleidiscopes at amoa with natalie. who took our heights with colored pencils. jim hodges. folding (into a greater world). just this side. a curtain of silk flowers. colored lightbulbs. and tiny mirrors.
at least i'm not a fucking crazy bitch.