momz (aka veronica) and i totally went shopping all day. and ate sandwiches at her parents. and then me, momz and carolina sang karaoke in the car.
i am totawy cwaving those widdle candy heawts wif da messages.
ben is assacretastic.
tyler is way cute.
i am totally gay. and by that, i mean totally gay ruled last ngiht so much in fact that i felt compelled to join in.
yay for performance art.
i met harry tonight. he's a cute baby. he has soft skin and cute fluffy hair. but, i had to change his diaper. even then, he was way cuddly and i wished he didn't have to go to bed so i could play with him.
barbeques are awesome. esp ones with funny people and fires and pumpkin empanadas and hot guy named littleman.
pink skirt, yellow eagle hat and gray tee. who's got the thrift awesome?