while proceeding to have a solo dance party i managed to smash a lightbulb with an all but empty vodka bottle. that vodka has been sitting there for months. it's not even mine, but i guess it is now. maybe i should just drink it in the a.m. before school one day, b/c it would be hilarious to have vodka breath.
the music up until till this point has been overly experimental and house of jealous lovers get a kiss of approval.
it's hot in here and i'm being cheap so as not to use the a.c undies and tank top party!
this satrurday, party at the rents. it'll be the party i never had in h-school.
las night i saw mr. kevin hauser and tuan at the creative research lab for the grad student exhibition and ate pesto with bread and cream cheese and looked at pretty brigth paintings and huge installations.
how long can you go on doing the same shit?
i'm glad to be leaving the country. maybe i can stalk david sedaris and take hundreds of pictures and leave everything else behind. it's not the same. the apartment is empty aside from the futon, a lovely rocking chair and a mobile of birds. my room is cluttered leaving me in the constant state of being unsettled. i want to move away, but there's still some school left to do. and then what?
my undies have an airplane on them. there's a balsa wood flyer hanging from the ceiling and my airplane painting on the wall. i think everything is pointing to getting the hell out of here.
it's strange how things change and how sometimes i blame myself and sometimes hwo i blame the other people.
a decorative can of lonestar and a half consumed box of candy cigarettes.
my daddy hasn't called yet. i want to go eat with him for my birthday and buy my plane ticket. there's an old black jamaican woman going to vienna with my class. i think i want her to be my new friend. i bet she's awesome.
i bet nick is still typing his notes up, but when i get back over he'll be done and i still haven't started.
we lounged on the rocks of a creek i discovered over spring break. watching water flow by languidly and the sun flashing out between the new green leaves and occasional cloud. fishies are easily fooled into eating rocks, but they spit them out. which if you ever have the chance, is hilarious to see.
last night we sang songs.