it's raining outside. i had the window open and the drops collected in the small squares of the screen and dripped onto my bed.
i listened to the new modest mouse the other day. it is pink and green. i like the songs. some of the songs already have meaning to me. float on. the ocean breeze is salty.
gallery lombardi hosted a benefit for fresh-up club. we drank lone star and pabst and snuck off to piles of pvc pipes. hand drawn and xeroxed art. painted rainbows.
late night excursions to t. cab. jake and sam were there.
i like the colors of my apartment.
i really want this gray couch.
i washed my chucks.
i have two hundred dollars. and i'm leaving for vienna at the end of next month. screwed? i think so.
dear rich people. money. nuff said. love, kelly.
i think i'll come back and have a skull for a face rather than skin. you'll still like me though, right?
creme brulee french toast. mcgenius. and sooo delicious.
i had my first experience with a vanilla bean today.
i like when nickers sits on my lap.
dear stevie wonder, marvin gaye, al green and otis redding, i love you. please sing me to sleep every night. xoxo, kelly p.s. stevie wonder, i believe (when i fall in love it will be forever). i am melting.