i like the name gemma and i like the city new york and i wish we were there now. my summer has consisted of minimal thought process unless the printed word is before in which case i do much thinking that disappears when i start thinking about the popsicles we have in the freezer. there is a constant supply. empanada picnics in the park, po-boys and the burger cook-offs in the setting sun and flashes of lightening bugs in the four star counted sky.

the spy museum, the world's richest fascist, a "woman" peeing on the side of a truck between chelsea and the financial district, the metro cars, sir olaffen, the laziest gal in town, my honey and me.

natalie and i talked about our lady issues on the phone while ben and i played two tween girls for nearly an hour while vero and i search for a job for lil mami. i'm not on the phone that often, but i suppose they know i think about them.

nick's plaid shorts are crumpled on the floor without companions (suprisingly) and we ate the kix to quickly.

washington is often described as a place where people don't really live. i.e. a temporary place for people passing through to support the various activities of the nation's capital. and it feels that way for me as well. i read a lot and i walk a lot, but i know we'll be back in austin at the end of august. so maybe the thirty dollar chinatown bus to new york was doubly exciting than it should have been. it makes me antsy. jake made a big deal about it being my first time in the city as an adult. the big pluses were being lazy in central park, eating baba ghanouj and fucking fish tacos (ahahahaha). bonita's spicy salsa burned all our tongues till our eyes teared. oh texas.

i currently have a list of five things i miss from home (in no order as usual):

one. la mexicana
two. barton springs
three. dance parties
four. the kids
five. cowboy queso

and to juxtapose, a list of five things i like about being here:

one. nick
two. oeuf
three. finding tasty food (see somali lamb, catfish po'boys, etc.)
four. getting cultural (time for books, a million movies and anti-tourist tourism)
five. the kid (evelyn)/walking everywhere (they both have their ups and downs)

the process of figuring out how to really live with someone has been quite the trial/tribulation. the negatives include arguments over dumb shits and establishing "rules" so as not to upset the independence/the house is disgusting balance. the positives however are obviously more rewarding. i.e. cuddles at night, making up, making food, sharing netflix (aha), going on adventures and reveling in obvious cutest couple experiences. i won't lie about it being one of the harder things i've had to discover and work through, but i guess as jake put it when we visited, " so you guys are like practically married, right? living together is a big deal."

i try to think about the things i really like everyday from the extrememly "dorky" to the more universal. i like the way letters look and the way balloons float in the sky and the lines that everyday things create and even sometimes the way nick forces me to talk shop as he impedes into the design territory. i guess the science art love triangle has that middle ground. and i like that.