yesterday, i went to schillterbahn (a waterpark) in new braunfels. me in a tube floating in waves and rapids and screaming "oh lordy" really loud to make the attendant's day a little bit better by me being a dumb ass. pirate cannons and funny old men, the smell of those delicious looking turkey legs, little kids pulling their daddies to a new ride, the ride signs missing letters so you read "please do not put poo in mouth" and the funny expression of my friends sliding down on a ride. but i had more fun in the car, laughing and singing up the road. the best part though was finding weave on the ground in two different places at two seperate times. ben nearly keeled over and died. kmart weave. as dj assault would say "i thought your hair was real but oops there it goes." muwhahahaha.
when i was driving home today, this guy in front of me had a blogger sticker on his car and i laughed.
i had mexican food tonight for the first time since mexico. i lived i guess. at a table near me, a little boy, probably about two, was dipping his chips in salsa. it was cute. but then he bit his mom's arm.